Workshops, upcoming meetings,
other interesting events 


Next Monthly Guild Meeting:  Thursday, May 8, 2018
Program: Michele J Linder author of “SQUARE MAGIC” will show us how to start with a quilt square and create dozen magical block units. These magic squares are addictive! Michelle’s wonderful way with squares yields dozens of variations and sizes that the newest quilter can use to create hundreds of beautiful blocks.
Community Outreach:  
The date for the next Community Outreach sewing day: Saturday, May 12th, 2018 from 10am to 3pm. This will be held at Linda Ryan's home. Please bring a sandwich. We will continue working on totes for the homeless, continue with the Winding Ways or Matchsticks patterns or practice paper piecing. Fabric will be available!  If you would like to volunteer to host a Sit & Sew gathering (between 6 and 10 people) please contact Carol DeSantis.
Future Programs:

June 14, 2018 - Fiber Artist Karen Stockwell will present ROUND ROBINS, a lecture to get our guild EXCITED! Share your skills, your ideas, creativity and part of yourselves with other quilting friends. A Round Robin is an exciting way to challenge yourself to reach beyond the way you've always done things to find your creative muse. It’s a wonderful learning experience, stretching the way you work and exploring new techniques and design paths. This lecture and trunk show will explain the process: What is a Round Robin? How can you set up a group? How do you eliminate Creative Stage Fright? What are some Absolute Rules? What are some "Let's decide together" rules? What are some NO-NOs? This is a chance to spread your creative wings and soar!
{There will be a $5 visitor fee for non-members.  Please check out Karen's website at}

June 15, 2018 --- Karen Stockwell - Class/workshop - Cost for PQG members is $45
DECONSTRUCTED WEDDING RINGS - A Double Wedding Ring is surprisingly versatile. What happens if you make the rings different sizes, and don't join them? How about adding some other elements? Let's play with modernizing an old favorite. Have fun and see what happens! And with a white or solid background, it can easily be a modern quilt. 36" x 39" Pattern required for class $10 (this will be included in our class fee) Contains full sized templates and directions for 3 different finishing techniques. Good for all skill levels.  
* Sign up for PQG members only thru April 12th.  After April 12th the class will be open to other guilds.  Please contact Mary Jo for more information or to sigh up!

July 12. 2018 – (* 6:30 PM start time) Our annual summer covered dish dinner – We will eat some GREAT food!!! We will have a guest and have fun with “QUILT LIBS”.

In addition to sharing great food we will also have a spirited bidding war as we use our "Quilter's Cash" to bid on donated quilting items.  Please see below for ways to start earning your stash of "cash"!

How to Earn PQG Quilt Money    
  At each of our meetings and activities each member has the opportunity to earn PQG Quilt Money. The Board may announce other ways to earn money during the course of the year. Here’s how: 

$50 Meeting attendance         $50 Wearing Name Tag          $50 Birthday Month  
$100 Bring Show & Tell           $100 Bring Refreshments  

Programs & Activities:                                                                                                
$500 Attend a Workshop        $500 Attend charity sew day  
$500 Challenge Participation   $2,000 Present a meeting program  
$2,000 Teach a Workshop       $3,000 Chair a special program/challenge  

Community Outreach:                                                                                                
$1,000 Charity quilt donation   $1,000 Quilting Demo's to other’s
$1,000 "Day in the Park"          $100 Block of the Month donation

How to spend your money
  At our December meeting (the end of the year celebration) you will get to spend your money at an auction. The items for the auction will be donated by vendors, members, and others. In the past we have had FABRIC, Quilting tools, Art work, Quilt book & patterns, gift cards and who knows what other surprises! It is a fun spirited auction!  

Information as requested from Cath Evans at our September 2017 meeting: