The quilt designed and made by members of our guild has been donated!  The quilt was donated to the Sudanese family who received a home through Habitat for Humanity and Mary Ann Rhodes' church.  We presented the quilt to the family at their new home on April 17th.

September 2021: Community Outreach received 23 quilts and 2 ditty bags at the Price Park pot luck on August 14th.  Four of the quilts will go to the veterans at Greensboro Hospice.  Margaret Regan completed 8 quilt tops before passing away that were given to the guild.  These were quilted by Gail Lott, Carol DeSantis and Michelle Volkmann.  Margaret's family requested the quilts be given to Community Outreach to be donated.  Michelle Owens shared a quilted wall hanging that she is donating to the Hirsch Wellness Network for their auction.  This group provides art lessons and activities for those effected by cancer.  Michelle and I selected Carol DeSantis' crumb quilt to also be donated to the Hirsch auction.  The remaining quilts will be given to Freedom House and the Justice Center.

August 2021:  Jeanne delivered 8 quilts to Freedom House!  Along with the quilts, she also delivered a crocheted blanket, three quilted table toppers, three baby quilts and two baby changing pads with a matching burp cloth.  Freedom House is soon to open it's third house!  They need twin bed sized quilts.   

July 2021:  There is still a need for red, white and blue lap-size quilts for Veterans at Greensboro Hospice. Jeanne is more than happy to pick up any finished quilts and
deliver them. 
If you want a smaller project to work on consider making a fidget quilt. These are about 36-inch square with batting and backing added to the top should be washable. Buttons must be sewn on securely. There are lots of ideas on YouTube.  I especially like Rob Appell's tutorial on Man Sewing. He uses 5-inch squares to make a fidget quilt for his father. I have lots of shoelaces and cording as well as other items that can go on a fidget quilt. Please contact Jeanne Harrison by phone or email if you need any materials.

June 2021:  We've just donated two Red, White & Blue quilts to Hospice of Greensboro for Veterans.  Please keep them coming.  Thank you!

*** See Instructions for a DITTY BAG for ANCHOR HOPE HOME to the left below the menu options! ***
We have donated 34 Ditty Bags for children at Anchor Hope Home!
They provide safe and secure housing for children in crisis.  When a child is ready to be placed in a foster home or reunited with their family they need a small bag for carrying snacks, water and other small items.  The children range in age from babies to teenagers.  If you need fabric please contact Bea Mandel or Jeanne Harrison.  (If using directional fabric you will need to make a small adjustment by adding a seam at the bottom of the bag in order to have the design go in the right direction.)

February 2021:  Freedom House received 17 quilts from our guild.  Their second home will be ready to open soon and they will need twin bed size quilts for throws as well as a few baby quilts.
The Justice Center received 20 quilts from out guild.
Four "Fidget Quilts" we made and donated to Grandma's Handz in February. Contact Jeanne Harrison if you have a quilt to donate. You may also contact Jeanne if you would like to make one and need additional information.
Michelle Owens donated another 30 fleece hats to the Moses Cone Cancer Center in Greensboro for chemo patients.  These were made still using the fleece from Make A Difference Day.

*SPECIAL REQUEST:  Cathy Lohr, Volunteer Coordinator for Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro has requested Red, White & Blue twin bed size quilts or large size throws.  These are needed for Hospice patients who are Veterans.

* 22 quilts to Freedom House
* 21 quilts to the Justice Center
* 25 reusable face masks for the staff at Kids' Path
* 30 fleece hats to Alight Foundation at Moses Cone Cancer Center for chemo patients
10 pet beds to Tiny Angels Farm (pet rescue)
​* 4 Kennel quilts to Sheets Pet Clinic (instructions to the left)

For the end of the year, we delivered 18 Totes for the homeless and 9 fleece/pre-quilted fabric covers to the Interactive Resource Center.  Also delivered 8 floral tote bags from a guild member donation to The Freedom House as well as the remainder of the airline courtesy bags.

 Our final total of charity quilts donated for the year is 113 quilts!!!
Thanks to all those who contributed to the effort. 
To recap, in 2017 we produced 75 quilts and in 2018 we produced 103.

On August 27th, 2019 employees of the Corporate Office of Glen Raven, Inc. donated 20 Kind Quilts to the children at the Cone Health Hospital in Burlington.  More than half of these quilts were made by members of the Piedmont Quilters’ Guild of Greensboro.  Thank you for supporting organizations such as Kind Quilts to spread comfort to those who need it most.

​The guild members made a total of 103 quilts in 2018.  We donated 94 quilts, 56 to the Greensboro Police Department (The Family Justice Center) and 38 to the Red Cross (for those effected by our April 2018 tornado).  We also sold 7 quilts at the Persimmon Festival so we could purchase batting and backing fabrics for our next year of quilt donations.

The guild made and donated 47 tote bags for the homeless to the IRC (Interactive Resource Center).  If you'd like to make a bag the pattern is below to the left.  Be sure to use sturdy fabrics.  Or you can pick up a kit at the next guild meeting.

We donated 75+ pet beds to ASPCA, Guilford County Animal Shelter, Next Step Adoption and Tiny Angels Farm.  (We fill fabric bags with our leftover quilt fabric and batting scraps.  We let nothing go to waste if possible!)

We also donated 50 fleece hats and 3 fleece throws to The Alight Foundation for chemo patients.  We have lots more fleece so we'll make more as soon as we can!

If you would like to volunteer to host the Sit & Sew (between 6 and 10 people) at your home, church or community club house when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted please contact Jeanne Harrison. 

At our future Sit & Sew gatherings we will be sewing on projects for the various charities that PQG supports. Please feel free to bring your own future charity quilt or try new projects planned for the session. Please bring all necessary sewing supplied and your machine (don't forget your machine's cord!).

Charity quilt kits, block sets and coordinated fabrics kits are available at guild meet-ups for you to take home, piece, quilt, bind and return.  Or contact Jeanne Harrison to request charity quilt kits and fabric.

* The Family Justice Center/Greensboro Police Department (quilts)
* Interactive Resource Center (IRC) (tote bags)
* Freedom House (quilts)
* Kids Path, a division of Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro (quilts)
* The Alight Foundation (fleece hats for chemo patients)
*Guilford County Animal Shelter, Animal Rescue & Foster Program and Tiny Angels Farm (pet beds)

Charity quilt construction suggestions:​
DO ...

* Make quilts from NEW, CLEAN, WASHABLE materials in infant, child, or teen friendly colors. Remember, these quilts are meant to be colorful, cheerful, and cuddly. Wash and iron fabrics to remove sizing which can cause allergic reactions.

* Make quilts from 100% cotton fabric or flannel. Thread should be cotton, cotton wrapped, or polyester. NO MONOFILAMENT thread.

* Secure the batting into outer seams and if the quilt is tied, please anchor it every 4-6 inches, cutting ties to 1 inch or less in length.

* Check your quilt carefully for straight pins. It's better you find that pin and not the child who receives your quilt.

DON'T ...

* Don't make your quilts out of tapestry, burlap, upholstery fabric, 70's type double knit, felt, vinyl, wool or holiday fabric. 

* Don't attach buttons or decorative items to a quilt. They can be a choking hazard.

​* Don't use thick fabric paint on the surface of your quilt. Use ONLY permanent fabric markers made specifically for fabric when coloring on muslin.


* Quilts that smell of smoke or strong chemicals (including perfumed fabric softeners), or have pet hair on them cannot be accepted as they produce severe allergic reaction in the children. Unfortunately, washing these quilts does not always remove the problem. Please use a lint brush or roller on your quilts if they are covered with thread or lint.

* Another word about pins ... PLEASE check, double check and triple check your quilts for straight pins. 

* No holiday fabrics or panels please (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.)

** Quilt Sizes (measurements are approximate)

  Child:  36" x 45" or 40" x 54" to 60"

Teen:  45" x 65" to 70"

* Be creative! Keep in mind that children will be receiving a quilt with which to cuddle and receive comfort..​

Service Work

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