Raffle tickets for our raffle quilt "CAROLINA LILY" is available for each guild member to pick up at our monthly guild meeting. Each member is asked to sell as many tickets as possible. Please remember that the money raised from the sale of these tickets is the way we pay for our speakers, meeting space rental, Community Outreach supplies, etc.  See more info on the quilt below!
Modern Wall Hanging 
Size:  46" wide x 53" long
Tickets:  $1.00 each
Drawing:  January 10, 2019 - WON BY FRANCES SMITH!!!

Made by the Piedmont Quilters' Guild - Based on a pattern by Geta Grama called "Snow Kisses" - Fabric donated by Alison Glass - Custom quilted by Jane Weinstein

Antique Quilt -- Circa 1890's 
Includes a certified appraisal - 2012 appraisal value $900
Size:  84" wide x 81" long
Tickets: $1.00 each
Drawing: July 11, 2019 - 
Need not be present to win 
​*This quilt was donated to PQG by a guild member to be used as a raffle quilt. The quilt was made by the guild member's ancestor in the 1890's in Berks County PA.
*Hand pieced, hand quilted (7-8 stitches per inch)  
*Condition:  Excellent; few brown stains one end on back; few bug stains on front; quilt markings evident. No repairs or restoration evident.
If you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets for "CAROLINA LILY" please see a member of the Piedmont Quilters' Guild.  Or you can mail a check payable to:  PIEDMONT QUILTERS' GUILD.  Mail to:  Piedmont Quilters' Guild, P.O. Box 10673, Friendly Center Station, Greensboro NC 27403.  Include your name and phone number so we can call you when you win!  We'll hold your raffle ticket stubs for you.
We often receive questions from people about how to display or care for their quilts, both antique and new!  Here is some information on caring for your quilts.  We hope this information helps you and your quilt will be enjoyed for years to come and preserved for future generations!  Thank you!
CONGRATULATIONS TO FRANCES SMITH!  Ms. Smith won our "Rainbow Burst" Modern Wall Hanging!  I'm sure she will enjoy owning this beautiful piece of textile art!  
* Be sure to purchase your tickets for "Carolina Lily" if you have not already done so!